People can be real or fake, and the one’s that think they are real while putting on an act is what I call a Pretender. Yes, I named this type of person this for a reason. See I had the lucky experience of meeting one of these. In fact I even had what I thought was a romantic experience with them.  Now I look back and I can see they are a pretender and they know it. Its their biggest secret. It baffles me how such a person goes on with life destroying those around them and never have a care or concern about it.

This pretender keeps posting words about pretending it never happened, and asking for a redo or a do over.  Yeah this person really doesn’t understand what they costed those around them.  I lost my ability to be a natural man, my rights as an equal person of society has  been removed and I am labeled a threat when in fact there has never been a threat nor any actions to deem such destroying character. She even tried to have me fired from my job.

But I am still here and I am surviving, She thinks she can just forget or I could even forgive.  How can I when someone viciously attacks my legal status and destroys my credibility without any facts to support it.  How a person like this can pas judgement before god especially when they promise to god was violated by her.. The spirit is no where in sight and her family is destined for ruin.  Poor woman I say.  I have spoken with he first husband many times and I know how he feels about her lately.. I try to get them to see past that and to consider her dumb.  like no common sense dumb.  and they agree she is but she boasts she is not and that’s prideful so it still hurts to see her parish.  I know she should do the right thing and stop with all the lies and give me back the ability to be a normal person of society .. I deserve that.. she has ruined enough…

Well that is why you should never date or fall for a pretender. They are fake ans they have no concern or remorse for the lives they ruin, they are just in their little fantasy land pretending what they do can be a do over or forgotten about.  I say this cuzisayitstrue