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   We get time to volunteer as employees of GoDaddy and we can take time to go help others. I normally do an event that lasts the entire weekend and its fun. This year I was planning on participating in the event instead so I searched GoDaddy’s Volunteer web site and I found one. It was on Saturday February 27, 2016. It was at Kyrene Aprende Middle School to Judge National History Day in Arizona (East Valley Phoenix Regional Competition)

When I got to the school I began feeling out of place since I do not have any kids attending this school and I didn’t see any other GoDaddy people there. I got to the building I was reporting to when I opened the main set of doors I find hundreds of kids lining the halls all excited and amped up for this competition. I still wasn’t even certain what I signed up for really. Once I got in to the room I introduced myself saying “Hi, my name is Brian from GoDaddy.” And they were so happy we made a presence. I didn’t realize how important that was for them to see someone from GoDaddy. Not so much a guy named Brian.

I get seated with the judges that are judging individual and group website builds.  I was excited because this is definitely something I know a lot about. Then we began our morning meeting when they introduced what are roles were going to be and what areas we will be judging.  After the meeting we broke off into our teams. That’s when I was told I am not on the website judging panel I am judging the video biographies. I couldn’t understand why they put me there and not the websites. They said it’s the first time they have ever seen a tech company show up for history competition. “Chalk one up for GoDaddy”

What came next was meeting my team I had a woman that has been a history teacher for 40 years now retired from the upper class schools in Scottsdale as she was proud to claim. The other woman was our team leader and I noticed her the second I walked in the room she looked just like Wonder Woman and then there was me.

The first kid to present was showing us how Star Trek changed the racial and sexual revolution for equality during the 1960’s. So as it turns out its true. That girl educated me on this. The crew member Uhura told Gene Roddenberry she wanted to quit. He begged her not to and as she walked out on the street she ran into Dr. Martin Luther King. He told her he loved Star Trek and that Gene was making it comfortable for Americans to see a woman of ethnicity in a position of power ranked as an equal. So based upon the King’s advice she stayed on the show. A season or 2 later she became the first black on white kiss ever made on TV. By this time, I was amazed, and speechless I was not expecting that or a 25-page paper with 15 pages of sites and comments for each citation. After wards each of us judges had to ask 2 questions about what we learned from all the information and to engage in a teacher’s term called “sandwiching” To give praise on the best parts and offer suggestions on the parts that need improving. So that way we are never saying anything negative. I liked this philosophy so much I am going to use it every day.  There were 6 entries that we had to judge and then after judging we would need to eliminate 3 of them and allow the best 3 to continue to the State level of the competition called National History Day State Competition at ASU on April 16, 2016.

   The other 5 presentations were all different the next student presented on Alfred Hitchcock and his part in how we make suspense movies and how the change in the sound by speed or pitch can cause a terror inside us all. Along with other traits. Another was on Henry Ford and how production invented the very first assembly line. The next was on a Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich and three others. I would share what those were especially since the other presentation we advanced.

   When it came down to voting we all met back in that first classroom with our team to deliberate on our notes and who is advancing. We all had the same opinion on what ones but for many different reasons. I would just sit there and listen to my two team members go back and forth on their reasons for each one and then they would ask me. My reasons seemed like they were dumbed down reasons compared theirs. Wonder Woman said first that my perception of what I observed was much different than theirs and my reasons why I liked one over the other is a perspective they couldn’t see because they have only the history teacher mentality and not the observer. I at that moment felt I was making a difference and to the kids I voted forward and the way I explained to the ones that did not get advanced. To be able to say that in a way that would only give them inspiration for the next event. Many of these kids participate more than once to make it to state championships.

   To close, I have had a great unpredictable day that boasted the good feelings of volunteering not only for me but also for my company GoDaddy.  I felt proud to represent.  So should you.



By Brian Halstead

  February 28, 2016 




Processed food from China


Smithfield Farms, the largest pork producing farm in the USA was sold in September to China with the unanimous
support of its stockholders.

The hogs will still be raised here, but slaughtered and packaged for sale **there** before being sent back
here. This includes labels: of Morrell, Eckrich, Krakus, Cudahy, Premium Hams, Cook’s, Gwaltney.

The same is true with chickens under these labels. They can now be shipped there, but when they come back
all that needs to> be on the label is that they… WERE RAISED IN THE USA. Not that they were processed in China.

Our great FDA at work. The chickens under these labels will all be processed and most sold to fast food restaurants,
schools and supermarkets. The China slaughter and processing requirements are, for the most part,
unregulated and far inferior to requirements of the U.S.A.*

We recently learned that Starkist Tuna is now owned by Korea and is in conflict with the U. S. concerning quality, safety,
and records keeping, which Korea refuses to produce.*

I read several articles on Google about this, and even one that was defending the eating of tilapia fish said to avoid the
fish that came from China. Also, I had just returned home from buying Albertson’s 4-day special of 4 bags of frozen tilapia
for the price of one. Sure enough, on the top of the bags it read “farm raised”, and on
the bottom, in small print, it said: “China.*

Recently, on TV, a Food inspector said he had lived overseas and he had seen the filthy conditions
their foods are raised and processed in. It is enough to make you throw-up. Some foreign workers have
to wear masks as they work in these places because the food is so rotten and filthy, it
makes them want to throw up.

Many of their fish on Fish Farms are fed raw sewage daily. He said he has seen so much filth throughout
their food growing and processing that he would “never” eat any of it. They raise this filth, put some food coloring
and some flavorings on it, then they ship it to the USA & Canada for YOU to consume and feed to YOUR
families. They have no Food & Safety Inspectors. They ship it to you to buy
and poison your families and friends.*

Imported food we eat is junk :*

Green Giant frozen vegetables are from China, and so are most of Europe’s Best.
Arctic Gardens are Okay. So is Birdseye.*

Never buy the grocery store garlic unless it is clearly marked from USA or Canada, the other stuff is grown in
people’s… dung (even worse than chicken poop). China is the largest producer of garlic in the world; U.S. is next.*

Buy only local honey. Much honey is shipped in huge
Containers from China and packaged here.*

Cold-FX is grown and **packed** in China and is full of fecal bacteria. Doesn’t work anyway; it is a big scam.*

If the country of origin on a product is not clearly marked, “beware.” If the product is produce, ask an employee.*

Watch out for packages which state “prepared for,” “packed by” or “imported by” or “distributed by.”
We advocate mandatory labeling, especially the produce.*

The country of origin should be clearly shown on the item in the store.*

Go to the local farmers’ markets in season for your produce and keep a wary eye open the rest of the year.*

Please read this very carefully, and read to the very bottom.
It’s important for all of us.*

The above facts indicate how it is possible to ship food from China cheaper than having it produced in the U.S. or



Beware, Costco sells canned peaches and pears in a plastic jar that come from China.*



Recently The Montreal Gazette had an article by the Canadian Government on how Chinese feed the fish

They suspend chicken wire crates over the fish ponds, and the fish feed on chicken dung.*

If you search the Internet about what the Chinese feed
their fish, you’ll be alarmed; e. g, growth hormones, expired anti-biotic from
Never buy any type of fish or shellfish that comes from these countries: Vietnam, China, Philippines.*

Check this out personally. Steinfeld’s Pickles* *are produced in India – just as bad!*

Another example is canned mushrooms. No-Name brand comes from Indonesia…*

Also check those little fruit cups. They used to be made in Canada, in the Niagara region, until about 2 years ago.

They are now packaged in China. Most sold in Aldi

While the Chinese export inferior and even toxic products, dangerous toys, and goods to be sold in North American
markets, the media wrings its hands! Yet, 70% of North Americans believe that the trading
privileges afforded to the Chinese should be
Why do we need the government to suspend trading

Simply look on the bottom of every product you buy, and if it says ‘Made in China’ or ‘PRC’ (and that now
includes Hong Kong), simply choose another product or none at all. You will be amazed at
how dependent you are on Chinese products, and you will be equally amazed at what you can do


If 200 million North Americans refuse to buy just $20 each of Chinese goods, that’s a billion dollar trade imbalance
resolved in our favor… fast! The downside? Some Canadian/American businesses will feel a temporary pinch
from having foreign stockpiles of inventory.*
Just one month of trading losses will hit the Chinese for 8% of their North American exports. Then they will at least have
to ask themselves if the benefits of their arrogance and lawlessness are worth it.*

Share with your friends. Start reading labels more closely and
buy something else even if it costs a few cents more.*

Most people do not know that Adam had two wives. You can easily prove this by reading the bible there is two entirely different accounts of the creation of humans.


Genesis 1:27  “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” to me this describes humans being created in God’s image, male and female,  Note that the word Woman is not used here.


It’s clear God was talking about two humans here because the Bible continues:


Genesis 1:28  “And God blessed them, and said unto them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:”


At this point God has told us he created us in his image and he created  both male and female soon after their creation God blessed them  and told them to make enough babies so mankind can be the rulers of Earth.



The Bible gives us the male’s name that was created in Genesis 1:27 but not the female’s name.    1:27  God created he him; male and female created he them.


Later the Bible describes the creation of a female in a very different way. Instead of saying that male and female were created together in God’s image, the Bible tells us that God creates a woman in man’s image by taking a rib from the man and creating the woman.


Genesis 2:21 And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;


Genesis 2:22  And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.


Genesis 2:23  And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.


So, what happened to the female that was created in Genesis 1:27?


It seems Adam was lonely in Genesis 2:20  And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.  This statement sounds like Adam was alone, Why are we not told the female’s name in Genesis 1:27?


The Roman Catholic Church decided which of the sacred writings would make up the “Holy Bible”. Prior to their interference there were many sacred writings.


 In the year 405A.D. The Pope decided what books would be included in the “Holy Bible”. 


From the excluded holy writings we know:  this is hidden scripture but its easily found most Catholics know this already and its one of the church’s biggest secrets. As mormon’s we are able to track lineage and find families through the beginning of time.


The first female created with Adam is named Lilith. She was created in Gods image just as Adam.

When she realized her free will was refused to submit to Adam’s claim of authority over her. God had said nothing about the female being inferior to the male, so Lilith stood up for her rights as being also in God’s image.


My Opinion is that Adam didn’t like this and drove Lilith out of the garden. Then Adam complained to God that he was lonely. And while naming the animals and seeing them in their pairs Adam pouted and complained. God grew weary of listening to this nonsense and instead of saying “I gave you one female and you tried to dominate her and she stood up for herself and you threw a tantrum and drove her away, deal with it”, God gave in to the whining and created Eve. But this time God made it clear that Eve was a Woman, created in man’s image. The word Woman was not used when Lilith was created.


Lilith gave birth to humans who became Goddess worshipers. These societies were matriarchal. The women were the spiritual leaders and the healers and the community leaders. Since Goddess worship is very appealing to males (temple prostitutes, anyone?) the priestesses had enormous influence. 


The Yahwehists (also known as Hebrews), the genocidal scum described in the Old Testament, fought a war against the Goddess worshippers and had most of the priestesses put to death. The Yahwehists then instituted male dominated religion and patriarchal society.


Most people have never heard of Lilith and do not know that God created male AND female in His image and never gave Adam permission to dominate the female, until after Adam whined and complained and God had to create Eve to shut him up.


So, how would our history be different if the Yahwehists had not been able to write the history books that became the “Holy Bible”? And what if the Catholics had not been the ones to define the “Holy Bible” as the Yahwehist’s propaganda books, but instead had used the ENTIRE sacred writings which explain all of this? What if people knew the truth about Adam and Lilith?

How to maintain a long term joyous marriage relationship
1. Kiss your wife every day.
2. Hug your wife every day.
3. Say “I love you” to your wife every day.
4. Do some kind thing for her every day as a thank you to her.
5. Appreciate verbally some kindness that she has done for you every day.
6. Let your wife talk and just LISTEN to the things she wants to talk about.
    In other words, BE QUIET, she’s not really asking that you give her an 
    answer.  If she wants you to comment, she’ll ask.
7. NEVER EVER LIE to your wife!!!!  You will kill the trust and respect she has
    for you.
8. Don’t even THINK about sleeping with someone else.  Wrong thoughts,
    words and actions kill the spirit within us, and darken our journey.  Lack
    of purity leads directly to divorce, literally a separation from the good
    we access to and experience in our lives.
The sun’s symbolism:
      The sun ALWAYS shines universally and without fail.  It brings warmth,
      a form of caring for everyone.  
Unconditional love’s symbolism:
      Our love SHOULD ALWAYS shine universally and without fail.  It brings
      warmth, a form of caring for us and every one else.
Our problems in life are never out there or even part of us, but a conceptualization of our own thinking ALWAYS.  Problems have to be healed
in our own thinking, whether they are self-inflicted, or essentially a universal belief of humanity that needs to be addressed.  Our expression of unconditional
love helps us to overcome our challenges, either in the short term or in the
long term, depending upon how our character qualities need to change for the
better, slow or fast.  

The Pretender

People can be real or fake, and the one’s that think they are real while putting on an act is what I call a Pretender. Yes, I named this type of person this for a reason. See I had the lucky experience of meeting one of these. In fact I even had what I thought was a romantic experience with them.  Now I look back and I can see they are a pretender and they know it. Its their biggest secret. It baffles me how such a person goes on with life destroying those around them and never have a care or concern about it.

This pretender keeps posting words about pretending it never happened, and asking for a redo or a do over.  Yeah this person really doesn’t understand what they costed those around them.  I lost my ability to be a natural man, my rights as an equal person of society has  been removed and I am labeled a threat when in fact there has never been a threat nor any actions to deem such destroying character. She even tried to have me fired from my job.

But I am still here and I am surviving, She thinks she can just forget or I could even forgive.  How can I when someone viciously attacks my legal status and destroys my credibility without any facts to support it.  How a person like this can pas judgement before god especially when they promise to god was violated by her.. The spirit is no where in sight and her family is destined for ruin.  Poor woman I say.  I have spoken with he first husband many times and I know how he feels about her lately.. I try to get them to see past that and to consider her dumb.  like no common sense dumb.  and they agree she is but she boasts she is not and that’s prideful so it still hurts to see her parish.  I know she should do the right thing and stop with all the lies and give me back the ability to be a normal person of society .. I deserve that.. she has ruined enough…

Well that is why you should never date or fall for a pretender. They are fake ans they have no concern or remorse for the lives they ruin, they are just in their little fantasy land pretending what they do can be a do over or forgotten about.  I say this cuzisayitstrue

job at Apple Inc.

I applied for this job and I got it.  I also get to work at home.  its cool and i can see the programming and features of every iphone and mac computer. this is a great job for a mac enthusiasts. 

Apple Inc.
Full Time
Employee Tucson, AZ 85750
Customer Support/Client Care

At-Home Advisor – AppleCare

Changing the world is all in a day’s work at Apple. If you love innovation, here’s your chance to make a career of it. You’ll work hard. But the job comes with more than a few perks.

You’re a problem-solver and amazing with customers! You’re enthralled by the way things work, and have the ability to install, maintain, and troubleshoot your own hardware and software. You can multitask across systems and applications, analyze and resolve a variety of complex technical issues, and comfortably navigate a Windows environment. You have excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as the ability to effectively prioritize and manage your time. You’re not only here to help fix technical issues, but also provide an incredible customer experience. Because you’ll work independently from home, you’ll need the discipline and ability to work remotely from coworkers and management. If this sounds like you, you could be the next At Home Advisor.

Key Qualifications:
•Professional troubleshooting expertise or proven technical ability
•Customer service focus and passion for support
•Discipline to work remotely from home
•Availability to attend approximately five to six weeks of required online training on a fixed schedule that may include weekends
•Flexibility to work between the hours of 5:00 a.m. CST and 11:30 p.m. CST including weekends, with the possibility to flex up or down hours depending upon business needs
•Successful completion of a pre-employment assessment and criminal background check
•Successful completion of initial training
•Minimum typing speed of 35 wpm
•At Home Qualifications
•A quiet workspace, ergonomic chair, and desk
•High-speed Internet service (2Mbps or better) from a reliable provider
•A dedicated telephone land line from a reliable carrier

As an Apple At Home Advisor, you’ll be supporting many of our popular products, from iPhones to iPads to MacBooks to desktop Macs. As our customers’ first point of contact, you’ll be the friendly voice of Apple, providing award-winning customer service, troubleshooting, and support. We’ll rely on you to listen to our customers and use your technical expertise, creativity, and passion to meet their needs — and remind them that behind our great products are amazing people.

This position comes with competitive pay, great benefits, participation in our company stock plan, time off, an employee discount, and dedicated resources to support your ongoing growth and development.

Year one

Brian and Beckie at Rascall FlattsThis month will be one year since I got married.  This was the biggest mistake I have ever made. I dated this woman for almost 3yrs without having sex. We did everything according to the church and it turned out to be the worst decision I have ever made.

I finally got a place to live and I love it. I also have a great job working with some amazing people I tend to feel are my friends. The people I work with are better to me then my wife ever was, but that’s my opinion. I will share the facts and you can decide for yourself I do support any comments on this matter.

I got married in July of 2012 to Beckie and she was amazing with her faith in GOD and her ability to DO WHAT IS RIGHT. But she changed the very day of our wedding. She became a liar. I say this because there is vows made during the marriage ceremony and we promise these vows to GOD.  This is when the demon came out. See Beckie had gone on a date with this man Robert while we were engaged. She told me about it and she told me he was gross, ugly and definitely to short for her taste. This guy Robert decided to send her flowers everyday after that date for almost a full month. I thought when I signed for the flowers he should feel like the fool but now I look back and say DANG I WAS THE FOOL..  Well Beckie never stopped talking to this guy. As a matter of fact she wouldn’t stop.

Then we got married and on our honeymoon she was playing games with him in the car on the way up and every time she had a moment while we were on our vacation.  I didn’t like it but I was not going to be a jealous person so I kept it to myself.  Then on our way home from our honeymoon my wife asks me if she can drop me off at my moms on the way home. She didn’t want to take me home and this is the moment the relationship shifted. She told me she needed time to prepare her kids for me moving in. I thought the 3yrs of dating and the kids all being teenagers knowing that we left to get married was more than enough notice.

We got home and she was mean the very first night In fact I spent some of the night crying in my closet because she was mean. All i could think at that moment was, how am I going to make this last the rest of my life if she is going to be so mean. I knew how it would be with love. And I did love her. She had always told me she needed a responsible man who worked. That has a future. I agreed, so I went to school full time from 4-10pm Monday – Thursday and i worked from midnight – 8:30am I had a good job. The down side was I only got to see my wife on the weekends.

Those weekends were difficult because I wanted to relax but i couldn’t she had 6 kids and they were all busy bodies. Beckie just kept getting more mean and I would try to communicate with her and she wouldn’t talk to me. It was because she was still talking to Robert. At this point I had enough so I went to our Bishop and told him about this and he told Beckie she was having an affair and she was in denial because her only comprehension of an affair is when its sexual. Both the bishop and I think if a woman is talking to another man more than her husband this is inappropriate. So the bishop and myself asked her to stop talking to Robert. She then through a fit and was incredibly mean from that point on.. When she was asked to choose between her husband and this other man she choose this other man, and that was late August.  Only a tiny bit more than a month of marriage and my wife is telling me she chooses another man over me … Her husband… This really hurt me.. I have waited my entire life to get married and I am only doing it once. Now I’m trying to survive this emotional dilemma with an abusive wife that wont be my friend.

I kept doing what i was supposed to do and she kept asking me why I was coming home everyday when she didn’t want me there. I dealt with this from August – December. Then in December she said that and more incredibly mean stuff to me in front of my son and I went into the bedroom to cry. Yes cry. I was hurt. My son followed me in there and couldn’t believe the abusive words Beckie choose to greet me with as I came home from work. I then had to tell my son that’s what I have been dealing with for months. Beckie soon after came into the bedroom to apologize and she told me she didn’t know why she is so mean to me but she is and she can’t stop it.

Then finally a couple of days later she finally sleeps in the same bed as me and I was so happy and half asleep but I reached out and put my arms around her because I loved her and she screamed. I was so hurt by that. and whats worse is she called the police to have me arrested and removed from her house. Now this sucked big time I had finals the very next day and I was on the honor roll. Now because of this I didn’t make it and in fact it screwed up my student loans because I didn’t get the credits I needed.  That day costed me a lot of money and the court records show that she planned this little event because she filled for annulment before that day.. She really didn’t want to keep her promise to GOD.  or to me.

I was thrown out of my house and left to survive on the streets. I only have my job and I didn’t know anyone to take me and yes i was homeless. Beckie then started to be nice again and we started talking. In fact she was having me come over on those Saturday nights I had off so we could have sex all night long. She would  sneak me in her backdoor of her house into her bedroom where little words would take place and it was all sex.  This lasted until April.

One night she told me she purchased a brand new house for 310 thousand and that I would be able to move back in and we could be a family and I would have my own space so i could feel at home. I was excited it was what I wanted and i was tired of being homeless. I was happy and I was out shopping when I came across a gift for her brother. I called Beckie and set up a day to bring it to her at work so that the kids wouldn’t know she was still talking to  me. Yeah I didn’t think much of it then but now It makes me mad… Why was she hiding the fact she was still seeing me.

I arrived at Beckies work and i was in a good mood as i walked to the front door when i looked over at her van i see a note on it. I didn’t think much of it but at that instant I felt the holy spirit tell me i should go get the note to give to Beckie. I got it and read it .. I was so hurt.. It was a love note from Robert.  I asked her if she was seeing someone and she said yes. And i started bawling she again was vicious and mean. she told me she had been seeing Robert for a few months now and wanted to pursue a relationship with him. I couldn’t believe it. This church going GOD loving woman just told her husband she is having an affair and she is done with me.  I immediately told the bishop who then gave me confidence that I was loved by GOD and the church and that this would  be dealt with. And then Beckie went in to talk to the bishop and nothing happened. NOT A DARN THING.  I contacted the bishop and asked why is this being aloud he said because she filled an annulment, that means our marriage never took place if it’s granted and therefore she is allowed to be in a relationship with this man Robert. (and we were still married)  I have not found anything from GOD in scripture or the bible that says this is ok. 

During this entire time I have been loosing $456.87 a month out of my check to pay for her and her kids on medical coverage. Beckie was paying me that money back since I am not able to remove them from my insurance plan. Beckie has purchased a new house, new van, and all new furniture for her new home and she paid CASH for all of it. While I am still her husband living on the street trying to save enough money to find a home.

I finally find a home and I have rent due I need her money to pay rent that she has always paid me so I don’t get evicted i am counting on this money as I can count on my paycheck.. I send Beckie a request through paypal like i always do and she responds with a restraining order.  All because it’s now a full year and she cannot get her annulment. The church told me that Beckie told them we were not together and the church has witnessed Beckie in this affair thinking we are not married.. GUESS WHAT WE ARE… Now we are going into divorce court and I cant believe how much of  a (big bad word) she is.  I can’t believe I need a tire for my transportation to keep me going to work she wont even help me when i have asked for it.. The church has told me to find another church and that is what the bishop told me back when i first complained about my wifes affair.

So here I sit worried that I can’t even count on my hard-earned money to pay my bills because some rich woman is taking from some poor guy like me to live life in sin.  I can’t believe what a horrible person she is . I can’t believe i aloud myself to be lied to so bad.  I swear felons and drug addicts are nicer and more dependable than this woman.

All i want is to be able to survive knowing that I made a promise to GOD that i cannot get out of even with divorce because GOD has not shown me he condones divorce.  I have great respect for the LORD and I wont break my promise. I just wish this woman who brags on how charitable she is and she has spent almost $500k this year and she wont even pay me what she owes me that i work hard for and/or she wont even just help me get one tire. I need 2 tires the front tire of my motorcycle is split also but the back is undriveable. Thats all i ask .

Am I asking for too much? Am I unreasonable?  I totally feel like it’s owed to me now that she wont pay me and now that I am going to end up homeless again because she all of a sudden wont pay me what she takes out of my check makes me really upset.  I can go on for hours on hos messed up she has been and I HATE HER MORE AND MORE because I cannot believe how much she lies. I have never been a man who wants to see someone get their pay back .. but this is heading that direction.  After all the crazy things I have witnessed in my life and all the ways i have seen people get collected on this could turn out to be the biggest collection effort ever.    I just want my money that I earned i am finally asking for a hand out BUY MY TIRES SO I CAN WORK PLEASE … Because of this turn of events and her selfish attitude.  i want this to be over and i want to move on but since she keeps making it this way i am finding it more difficult to just shut up and walk away.. She has ruined my life and she has used me and played me and continues to do so..

I can’t let this go I want my money, and I need it. Especially now more then ever. Its my money I worked for it and its spent on Beckie and her kids without me being able to stop it. I will only get $15 for a bonus check this week. I was doing good but since she started harassing my job it has made it more difficult to function.  Please , I do want to hear your comments.


According to the law and the restraining order you got I cannot have contact with you by phone by mail buy electronic course ponds or third party interaction including my mom or anybody that would be acting on my behalf this is the law that you’ve been placed on me. If you want to talk to me call me if you call me with a blocked number using star 67 you would have to use that 3 * in a row without anybody else calling me for the police to even care that being said the restraining order is from me having contact with you that does not mean you cannot have contact with me so you’re more than welcome to call, since I will not reply to you in any form of electronic communication


Calling all sheep and shepherds. It may not have escaped your attention that a growing number of people in America and around the world are starting to become politically aware. This awareness is not dependent upon attending rallies, watching the TV news, or queuing for the ballot box. It has nothing to do with the left or the right, the Democrats or the Republicans. No, it goes far deeper than that. It’s an awareness that comes from an innate and shared sense that something is very wrong with the world we’ve been born into. And it’s coupled with an urgent realization that it’s up to us to change it, or tolerate it. The choice is ours.


“This is just the way it is! There’s no point wasting your time trying to change anything! Just do your best in this life and keep your head down!”

Baaaaaaaaa. Did you hear that sound? It was the wooly voice of apathy, the enemy of awareness. Perhaps you recognize it? That’s a start. Apathy makes it easier to accept the over-regulation of our lives, the constant wars, the huge disparities in wealth, the continual despoliation of the environment, and the famines and food shortages as “normal.” Apathy declares that these things are with us for life and are impossible to change.

The antidote to apathy is awareness. And the antidote to awareness is apathy. How do we effect positive change in the world? Our teacher for today goes by the name of Mr. Bruce Ray Riggs. He’s running for a U.S. Senate seat in Florida and he’s also the man behind and

Bruce’s history lesson isn’t easy to accept. But hey, go check it out and remember where you heard about it first …


Most Americans probably aren’t ready to accept the facts of life, especially as they are presented in this article. Sadly, either we believe we “know it all” already, or we do not possess the literacy skills to comprehend them. On that note, thanks for joining us. But please, be warned if you insist on reading on, to be ready for everything to change. We appreciate that’s quite a big deal—especially for a magazine you randomly picked up in a grow store…”

To the citizens of the United States, I have some bad news. I say “news” but it actually happened over 148 years ago, on July 1st, 1862, to be exact, and it’s hardly something that’s going to make the headlines on Fox News tonight. But that’s another story.

So what happened all those years ago that’s still so important today? Well, in short, the people we believe were elected and trusted to represent us in Washington D.C. actually changed our “standing” in law from one of the law of the land—Constitutional or Common Law—to an unlawful system based entirely on legislative or “statutory” commercial law. Doesn’t sound like that big a deal, right? Well bear with me on this one.

First off, what is Common Law? Well, it’s a bit like common sense. It’s an irrefutable and permanently applicable law, which as a peaceful individual is unlikely to ever affect you. Provided you keep the peace, do not cause injury, harm or loss to another individual, you will remain within the terms of Common Law and will not break it. Basically it says, “Don’t be an asshole,”—but hey, you  knew that already didn’t ya?

Common Law is ancient. Established by Alfred the Great (AD 871-899), it was developed by the British people over more than a thousand years. It is common because it applies to everyone equally.

So what happened in this relatively very young country called America? Well, our “representatives” knowingly and intentionally cheated us, the American people, out of our lawful standing in common law (see Article III, Section 2, Clause 1, U.S. constitution in law and equity), and replaced it with corporate inequity at law through our voluntary participation and acceptance of their 14th Amendment: corporate “person” citizenship.

Confused? That’s precisely how politicians like it! Don’t worry—all will be explained in simple terms here. Stay with us. Get your head around this because when you do, a whole lot of stuff is going to fall into place.

On July 1, 1862, when 11 southern states were not represented in Congress due to the Civil War, the remaining members of Congress passed “An Act to provide Internal Revenue to support the Government and to pay Interest on the Public Debt.” These folks actually redefined the word “person” to mean a “corporation.” Are YOU a corporation?  Here are their exact words:

“And be it further enacted, that on and after the first day of August, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, every individual, partnership, firm, association, or corporation, (and any word or words in this act indicating or referring to person or persons shall be taken to mean and include partnerships, firms, associations, or corporations, when not otherwise designated or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof,) .” Thirty-Seventh Congress. Sess. II. Chap. CXIX. Page 432. Sec. 68. (p. 459.)

Don’t worry if you’re still scratching your head. That’s legal language for you! Some might say it’s designed that way! Allow me to backtrack a little and ask all you readers out there a very simple question:

When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror while shaving, combing your hair, or brushing your teeth, what do you see?

Do you see a human being made of flesh and blood or do you see a corporation?

On July 28, 1868, a very different “citizenship” was created for us: One that made us subservient to a complete authority.  Here, from section one of the 14th Amendment, are their words:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.  No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The original constitution created a state citizenship that can be found at Article IV, Section 2, Clause 1, of the United States constitution. The 14th Amendment makes everyone claiming to be a citizen a person.

You might think that a citizen and a person are one and the same thing. You may think we’re splitting hairs here. You might even consider yourself “a person.” But, within the meaning of the 14th Amendment, a person is a corporation. In fact, the 14th Amendment makes you a state resident, not a citizen, and places your primary citizenship within THE UNITED STATES (incorporated). That’s right, the United States is a corporation! And you are an employee!

By the way, when you have a chance, open up your Black’s Law 5th Edition and look up the term “subject to” that was written into this new and improved federal citizenship status.  Here is what you will find:

Subject to.  Liable, subordinate, subservient, inferior, obedient to; governed or affected by; provided that; provided; answerable for.

Now I don’t know about you, but that definition does not sit well with a free man such as myself.  I AM NOT subservient or subordinate to ANY government and NEVER will be. What was/is wrong with the Common Law? What was/is wrong with just ‘not being an asshole’? Apparently THEY believe everything.

It becomes fairly obvious how the 14th Amendment makes one a corporate “citizen” under the complete control (jurisdiction) of the United States as a “person” of the United States.  Remember, a “fictional” character such as a person can only be controlled by another fiction—such as a government or corporation.  That which is created can never rise above its creator.  Now do you see how it works?

Moving on…

The “term” United States means a federal corporation as well as several other meanings but one must remember that “terms” and “words” are not the same thing—especially in the courtroom.  The United States referred to in the 14thAmendment is not our country.  In fact it is not even a government.  Our country, though actually not a country but a constitutionally bound union of sovereign and independent states is called The United States of America.  There is a mighty big difference between the United States’ federal government and The United States of America.

Fact: The UNITED STATES is nothing more than a PRIVATE / FOR PROFIT corporation located in the District of Columbia.  The District of Columbia became a private municipal corporation on February 21, 1871 through the Organic Act of 1871.  It was created through a loophole in the Constitution called Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, when the legislative branch was establishing the seat of the federal government.

Fact: Not only does THEIR newly formed corporation have a very confusing name (exactly like the federal government), it also has powers “not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States.” Yes you read that correct.  It is in the Congressional Record.  Read it for yourself.  They gave their private company all the powers of the Constitution.  SEE: The FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS, SESS. III Ch. LXII (62).

Fact: The United States of the 14th Amendment makes the newly defined person a citizen “asset” of the incorporated Washington D.C. doing business as the UNITED STATES; an intentional and fraudulent misrepresentation of our lawful United States government.  Many people are under the impression that the corporate body politic known as the United States (federal government) is the same UNITED STATES as the private / for profit corporation created by the legislative branch in 1871.  It is not the same thing at all.  These two “United States” have absolutely nothing in common.  The private corporation known as the UNITED STATES has nothing to do with politics, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights.  Like any other business, it exists solely to produce its owners a profit.  The 14th Amendment person is a “citizen” of a company, NOT A COUNTRY!

United States 28USC or Title 28- part VI – Chapter 176- subchapter A- subsection 3002


(15) “United States” means—

(A) a federal corporation;

(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or

(C) an instrumentality of the United States.

Still not convinced? Then check this out:

This new and different citizenship changed the American people’s standing in law entirely to one of corporate or commercial law.  Every “crime” in the UNITED STATES, State, or federal territories is now of a commercial nature.  See code of federal regulations title 27-72.11.  This explains how 80-90% of all laws, taxes, and other perceived government authorities (not granted in the original Constitution) are able to function within their “legal” system.  One must also remember that the concepts of lawful and legal operate on two entirely different planes.  Something that works hand in hand with the Constitution is considered “lawful” or in law.  The copyrighted British procedural system practiced by members of the American Bar Association is considered “legal” and at law with no connection or relationship to the Constitution whatsoever.  Sadly, though few people know it, no “lawful” courtroom exists anywhere in America today.  Let me say that again. There are no state courts anywhere in America. What we believe to be the courtrooms today are nothing more than private administrative Federal Reserve collection agents (judges) collecting on FDR’s 1933 United States bankruptcy.  Of course, “judges” still pretend there is law when they know damn well there is none.

What’s Your Name?

Have you ever noticed how “your name” is written on any official document?  Every federal state ID, driver’s license, summons to appear in any court, etc., has a person’s name expressed in all CAPITAL (corporate) letters.  Don’t believe it?  Take a look at any state issued card or document in your wallet or purse right now.  You will find that all “State” or corporate issued documents have your “existence” expressed in this manner.  Why?  Though many believe Capitis Diminutio Maxima to be a patriot myth or conspiracy theory, it is interesting that nobody has ever come forth with definitive proof to the contrary.  Again I refer you to Black’s Law 5th Edition:

Capitis diminutio maxima.  The highest or most comprehensive loss of status.  This occurred when a man’s condition changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave.  It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.


Take a look at the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights, Amendments IX and X.  These two amendments make clear that,

“powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

So where do politicians get the power to “legally” steal from the people?  Where does it say that a county or city government has ANY authority to tax property?  What about the federal income tax or public policy such as the Healthcare bill or the Patriot Act?  And let’s not forget “statutory” law or local ordinances?

Here is the thing people, before we go on, I must be very clear about these issues because the answer may be too unbelievable for most people to deal with logically.  Here it is: Because there are no common law courts left anywhere in the “country,” there is no rule of law anywhere in the continental United States that currently applies to free people.  That includes every last man, woman, or child of flesh and blood.  All existing courts are commercial and function for fictional creations only!

And here’s the kicker: if you claim to be a U.S. citizen, which is a “fictional” creation of the federal government under the 14th Amendment, every statute, act, ordinance, or bit of public policy they choose to write applies to YOU!  EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM (and anything else Congress can think up of as well).  Remember, that which is created can never rise above its creator.  Got that?

So one might ask, why would the legislature of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America do such a heinous and unconstitutional act to her own people just to gain jurisdictional authority not originally granted them?  The answer is absolutely diabolical—to set them up to be ultimately responsible for their federal or national debt.  That and control over us.  Section 4 of the 14th Amendment declares that the public debt cannot be questioned.  That means the fictional creation called “person” and citizen of the United States is responsible for the public debt.  Their debt. A debt that can never be paid off because all “money” is loaned into existence. Money no longer represents gold or silver. It is created out of thin air. And we accept it as such. In fact, most people spend their whole lives chasing it. Baaaaaaaaaa…

Lest this all becomes too much to bear, I’m going to print the next sentence backwards, so that it takes a conscious effort to read…


Sorry about that. Within the ten-year stretch from 1861 through 1871, the Constitutional Republic for the United States of America was quietly being converted to a privately owned and operated corporation—called the UNITED STATES—right under the noses of the American people.  Our country now only operates under the “color of law” regarding the Constitution.  Black’s Law 5th Edition:

Color of law.  The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right.  Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because the wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state, is action taken under “color of law.”

The correct constitutional government for the American people did not survive the civil war. The correct constitutional government was replaced by a private corporation, within the District of Columbia, which was reorganized June 11, 1878,  (Chapter 180, 20 Stat. 102) and renamed “United States government.”  It is the perfect corporate government for the perfect corporate citizen of the United States “person” status.

Is our current situation lawful or constitutional?  No, it is not.  Even assuming the 14th Amendment had been properly ratified (which it was not) the supremacy clause of the organic U.S. Constitution, Article VI Paragraph 2, would strike it null for the act of creating a different form of government, citizenship, jurisdictions, and laws than what the founding fathers intended.

Other reasons the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional are as follows:

  • It was not submitted to or adopted by a lawful constitutional congress.   Article I, section 3, and Article V of the organic United States Constitution.
  • The 14th was not submitted to the President for his approval.  Article I, Section 7 U.S. Constitution.
  • The 14th Amendment was rejected by more than 1/4 of all the states in the union.  Article V.
  • The U.S. Constitution provides Article I, Section 3 “The senate of the United States shall be composed of two senators from each state.”
  • Article V provides “No State without its consent shall be deprived its equal suffrage in the senate.”
  • Twenty-three senators had been unlawfully excluded from the US Senate in order to secure a 2/3 vote for adoption.  See Congressional record June 13, 1967 pages 15461-15646.  So, the amendment is unlawful and was never properly ratified.

If all this is true, how in the world did the 14th Amendment get passed?

The 14th Amendment was passed by a fake executive order #6 on July 20, 1868.  Executive Order #7 of July 28, 1868, unlawfully certified the ratification of the 14th Amendment in order to publish it.  It is important to note that nowhere within the written word of the Constitution is it lawful to ratify a constitutional amendment with an executive order.  Further, Executive Orders #6 and #7 have only the appearance of being executive orders.  The fact is, then sitting President, Andrew Johnson, who was totally against the 14th Amendment, actually claimed it created a de facto government.  See: Journal of the House of Representatives, volume 64 page 563, March 2, 1867.  Black’s Law 5th Edition:

De facto government.  One that maintains itself by a display of force against the will of the rightful legal government and is successful, at least temporarily, in overturning the institutions of the rightful legal government by setting up its own in lieu thereof.

Executive Orders #6 and #7 were never signed by President Johnson.  They were authorized with the signature of the Secretary of State William H. Sewart.  Now you all know why the 14th Amendment was never lawfully ratified according to the U.S. Constitution and that even if it was properly ratified, the supremacy clause, Article VI, Paragraph 2, of the organic U.S. Constitution would have struck it null.

Here are some additional examples of how this unlawful and unconstitutional Amendment has changed the American way of life.

  • School prayer struck down as unconstitutional through the 14th Amendment, Abington school District Vs. schempp 374 US 203 (1963)
  • Abortion and the federal government through the 14th Amendment Roe Vs. Wade 410 US 113 (1973)
  • Display of the Ten Commandments in public declared unconstitutional through the 14th Amendment Stone vs. Graham 449 U.S. 39 (1980).
  • All gun control with the exception of states’ borders and shores’ edge is a 14th Amendment corporate jurisdiction.
  • Income tax.  A 14th Amendment corporate jurisdiction that explains why the 14th Amendment person or citizen of the United States is the only one required to pay it.
  • Health care, carbon tax, even all of the public debt, just to name a few, are based on the unlawful 14th Amendment.  See 14th Amendment Section 4 codex (tampering with our food).
  • Driver’s licenses, tags for automobiles, traffic laws building permits, every crime where a human is not a damaged party to swear out a complaint is of 14th Amendment jurisdiction.

In closing, I would like to remind you. You are a flesh and blood human being. You are free. You are not a corporation unless you consent to it. There is a way out. And I invite each and every one of you to my www.dirtyunclesam.comwebsite, and to start researching for yourself.  There is more than enough there, not only to keep you busy for quite some time, but maybe—just maybe—to find something that will help you to better understand how and why we got to be in the mess that we are in.  Friends, we are in some real trouble here in America and I’m afraid if we don’t wake up soon our only resort will be to get this information out through “gardening magazines.”

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe!msg/total_truth_sciences/Fh8KQwlZ_KY/NBlJ2YN8BwsJ



I used to think I knew when people matured. I figured if I did things my way I would be in control of the world around me. I was wrong. In fact, I have learned the more control I felt I had the less I knew about the changes that were already happening.

Caterpillars are the same in comparison. If you think a caterpillar will never change then you wont even notice when it forms a cocoon. We don’t normally watch for a caterpillar to undergo metamorphosis we usually notice when its not a caterpillar anymore. If we really want to understand this transformation we need to notice when it begins. If we don’t pay attention then that caterpillar will just fly away.

My son just graduated today from a career prep academy, and he will be graduating from high school day after tomorrow. I thought this entire time I have been guiding him, controlling his decision making and enforcing my rules on him like a parent does. This was a comfort to me his entire life. I believed I was in control and I was keeping him from being like I was at his age. I thought if I forced my beliefs on him and sheltered him from making my mistakes he would turn out better because I raised him that way. After all we want the best for our kids, right?

Now that graduation has made him into this man that I wanted. I realize he didn’t become this man because I made him that way. He became this man because he choose this for himself. It hit me hard when I noticed my child was all grown up wearing his cap and gown. He didn’t become this man because of the guidance I controlled, but by the lessons he learned by my mistakes. I wanted to believe I made him who he is now because I knew how to control what he needed to learn. In fact all he had to do was learn from my embarrassing moments.

Just like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly; our children become men. When its time to change then change happens. Let this be a message to anyone who reads this. We can control our selves, but when we control the world around us we miss out when metamorphosis begins. After all we cant change who they are; we can only guide them.

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