How to maintain a long term joyous marriage relationship
1. Kiss your wife every day.
2. Hug your wife every day.
3. Say “I love you” to your wife every day.
4. Do some kind thing for her every day as a thank you to her.
5. Appreciate verbally some kindness that she has done for you every day.
6. Let your wife talk and just LISTEN to the things she wants to talk about.
    In other words, BE QUIET, she’s not really asking that you give her an 
    answer.  If she wants you to comment, she’ll ask.
7. NEVER EVER LIE to your wife!!!!  You will kill the trust and respect she has
    for you.
8. Don’t even THINK about sleeping with someone else.  Wrong thoughts,
    words and actions kill the spirit within us, and darken our journey.  Lack
    of purity leads directly to divorce, literally a separation from the good
    we access to and experience in our lives.
The sun’s symbolism:
      The sun ALWAYS shines universally and without fail.  It brings warmth,
      a form of caring for everyone.  
Unconditional love’s symbolism:
      Our love SHOULD ALWAYS shine universally and without fail.  It brings
      warmth, a form of caring for us and every one else.
Our problems in life are never out there or even part of us, but a conceptualization of our own thinking ALWAYS.  Problems have to be healed
in our own thinking, whether they are self-inflicted, or essentially a universal belief of humanity that needs to be addressed.  Our expression of unconditional
love helps us to overcome our challenges, either in the short term or in the
long term, depending upon how our character qualities need to change for the
better, slow or fast.